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Hannah Harris Green


Marketplace’s This is Uncomfortable

Breaking the Oath

A two part series on the marriage behind the January 6th Insurrection.

KCRW’s Bodies


The story of a late in life ADHD diagnosis.

Spotify’s Conviction

The Disappearance of Nuseiba Hasan

When Nuseiba Hasan disappeared, nobody tried to find her for a decade.


Marketplace’s first video-first financial literacy podcast.

KCRW’s Bodies

An inside look at the West Virginia harm reduction collective preventing overdoses that no-one else will.

KCRW’s Bodies

“How do you stay true to yourself when you rely on others to keep you alive?”

KCRW’s Bodies

A woman who is brought up to stay silent speaks out after having a dangerous medical device implanted in her body

KCRW’s Bodies

River’s doctors and parents told them they needed to change their body to be good enough.

Spotify’s Science Vs

The science behind orgasms.


Radio + DIGITAL Reporting

Pullitzer Center | Changing Contraceptive Options in India

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